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The Skin Nurse believes the right routine with the right nutraceutical can conquer stubborn skin breakouts and maintain clear healthy skin.

Brand: Hush & Hush

  • Description

    SkinCapsule Clear+ helps clear up blemishes and skin imperfections by reducing oil production with a unique mix of zinc and turmeric which calms irritated and breakout-prone skin.  This complex minimises internal skin inflammation, in turn reducing redness on the surface. It is vegan, plant-based and suitable for women and men using Clean Clinical Vitamins®

  • How it works

    We all know a blemished complexion can impact self-esteem and breakouts, pimples, zits—call them what you will, can cause physical damage to the skin too. Rather than suffering from red, irritated, inflamed, blemished skin, treat it at the source. This skin balancing, anti-blemish supplement is formulated with clean, clinical, plant-based ingredients and botanicals to help reduce pore-clogging oil, soothe red and inflamed skin and lessen breakouts on the face, chest, back, and beyond.

    Tried-and-true skin-perfecting ingredients, like antioxidant-rich vitamin A, skin-clearing pantothenic acid and anti-inflammatories such as zinc and selenium, work alongside herbs and botanicals to clear up clogged pores, diminish overactive oil production and bacteria and reduce inflammation in the skin for clean, clear, flawless skin.

    Suitable for teenagers however, it’s best to have your doctor review the ingredients in CLEAR+ to give you final approval. CLEAR+ works on all types of acne, however if your acne is cystic and requires a prescription to best treat it, it is unlikely that CLEAR+ will act as a substitute to medication.

    It can take anywhere from one week to one month or longer for the benefits of clearer skin to be seen. Take 2 capsules with food, preferably with your normal skincare routine.

  • About Hush & Hush

    At The Skin Nurse clinic we believe in living a clean life. It is a philosophy and that we are devoted to.  The founders of Image Skincare, one of the leading clinical skincare brands worldwide have put together their knowledge and research of aging, skincare, beauty and wellness to formulate Hush & Hush, a line of luxury nutraceutical and healthy living products.

    Fueling your body with the right nutrients, minerals and Clean Clinical Vitamins™—which you’ll find in each Hush & Hush product—is the missing piece of the puzzle we all need to look and feel our best.

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